Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nissan GT Academy. Final. Day 1. 28.09.2013.

On 28 of September all the finalist moved to Silverstone. There were 11 of us. Unfortunatelly, Kair Sabiev did not get the VISA. I was very upset of this fact, because this was the second Kair’s participation in GT Academy. Hope he will be in final in 2014, I can just say “Good luck, Kair”. We arrived in the afternoon. Three years ago I was here I watched Formula-1 racing. At that time I did not believe that I will compete here soon. The winner of Nissan GT Academy 2012 Mark Shulzhitsky was waiting us together with the instructors. All the instructors in GT Academy are high qualified professional racing drivers. Some of them for example took part in Le Mans 24 hours. Also these guys tested Nissan GT-R in Nordschleife before it was presented to customers. The instructors are really good guys, I worked closely with Alex, Gonzalo, Rob, Bobby, Charlie. Thanks a lot guys, you helped me a lot. Mark presented the instructors for us and then we moved to the room, where we lived. Everybody chose the bed. There was a funny coincidence, but I chose the Mark’s bed (where he slept, when he was a participant of GT Academy in 2012). After this we had lunch and then went to the medical center.

We pass some medical tests and then moved to fitness test. This time the fitness test consists of 2 exercises. The first one was plank. And then we might hold a 5 kilos ball in front of us. This was really difficult. I do not know my results, but I think I hold plank for 3 minutes and 30 seconds and the ball for 3 minutes. After the exercise with a ball I did not feel my hands. It was very difficult, I tried my best to show the good result. After fitness test we moved to NISMO laboratory. There was a very interesting equipment, that measures all the parameters (fat, muscle mass and so on). Then we tried BATAK simulator. Mark showed a master-class for us and touched the BATAK 95 times. It was the first time, when I tried it. I showed the result 65, which was good for the first time, but some other guys showed 80. In the evening of the first day we gave some interviews and made some photos. The first day ended and nobody of us left the competition.

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